Day Three Technical Sessions – Existing Asset Base


3:00 p.m.     Digitalization of offshore industries – the evolution of simulation

to engineering tools

Clayton Burry, President, Kongsberg Digital Simulation

Clayton Burry will discuss maritime simulation, digitalization/digital twin, physics engine and marine assets, as well as risk mitigation and reduced operating costs.


3:20 p.m.     Global insights and perspectives on oil & gas regulatory frameworks

Daryl Attwood, Project Director for the ENI Coral South FLNG, Lloyd’s Register

With broad experience and exposure to various different and changing global regulatory regimes, this session will provide an overview of the perspectives gathered in helping clients ensure compliance to these requirements – particularly as these regimes have evolved over time.  In addition, insights into future regulatory change, as seen from the independent compliance role, will be shared.


3:40 p.m.     Digitalization empowering the oil & gas industry

David Smith, Business Development Manager, Eigen

David Smith will discuss remote access to data on offshore installations and NUIs; turning data into knowledge; visualization of data and results, including mobile apps; optimization of operations and risk mitigation.


4:00 p.m.     Carbon dioxide capture for enhanced oil recovery for offshore oil fields

Lesley James, Associate Professor & former Chevron Chair, Memorial University

Lesley James will discuss capturing carbon dioxide from offshore oil & gas facilities from high CO2 natural gas and/or electrical generators, as well as how the captured CO2 can be injected for storage or used as a valuable solvent for enhanced oil recovery to recover incremental oil. James will also discuss the challenges in implementing carbon capture and utilization, including brownfield retrofit costs and space requirements, CO2 induced corrosion risk and optimizing the constrained CO2 volume for optimal recovery through EOR, as well as optimized EOR recovery in more detail.


4:20 p.m.      Q & A



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