Session Four – Operating in an Offshore Environment

The requirements of operating in an offshore environment will be the focus of Session Four. Operators, the C-NLOPB and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency will focus upon an offshore industry that operates with a long-term goal of developing offshore resources in a manner that ensures worker safety and achieves our environmental responsibilities through highly trained employees.


10:05 a.m.    Husky Energy Atlantic Region Update

Craig Pardy, Senior Manager, Topsides, West White Rose Project Team, Husky Energy

A review of Husky Energy’s current and planned activities in the Atlantic Region with specific attention to the West White Rose Project currently under development. Also, a look at Husky’s current activities to bring the White Rose field back to full production and its ongoing exploration interests in the region


10:25 a.m.    A basin of opportunity – investing in

Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore oil industry

Josée Tremblay, Vice President, East Coast, Suncor Energy

Josee Tremblay will provide an update on Suncor’s current operations and future development opportunities in Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore oil industry, as well as explain how Suncor is creating energy for a better world through an integrated approach to resource development.


10:45 a.m.    Q & A


10:55 a.m.    Enhancing confidence through regulatory innovation

Scott Tessier, Chief Executive Officer, C-NLOPB


11:10 a.m.   Regional assessment of offshore oil & gas exploratory drilling

east of Newfoundland and Labrador

Steve Bonnell, Manager, Strategic and Regional Assessments, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

In his presentation, Steve Bonnell will provide an overview of the regional assessment currently underway, including the multi-party agreement to complete the assessment; the regional assessment committee and other procedural aspects; the assessment’s scope, objectives and potential outcomes; upcoming opportunities for participation; and the intended role of the regional assessment in influencing future project decisions.


11:25 a.m.    Q & A

11:40 a.m.    Session Four concludes